top drop - scalp 12pk






top drop scalp concentrate is here!

a highly concentrated in-salon scalp treatment that instantly soothes and protects the scalp by helping to reduce inflammation, irritation and dryness to leave the scalp balanced and calm while hair is left more nourished with improved shine and manageability.


soothes – instantly soothes the scalp to reduce inflammation

protects – creates a protective barrier on the scalps surface to protect against moisture loss, helping to reduce itchiness, dryness and irritation

balances – helps to balance the scalp to lay the foundation for healthier hair

calms – cools the scalp to leave it feeling instantly calm and nourished

recommended for all scalp types, especially dry, itchy and colour-irritated scalps.

vegan / gluten-free / gimmick-free / tested on humans / colour-safe

pH 4-5